Go-Girl GIANT Collection of Needles
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Introducing the Go-Girl Giant Collection of Giant Knitting Needles. Enter the World of Knitting in the GIANT with our beautifully finished wood needles 100% handmade just for you! The Signature tops are decorated Black with White Polka dots. You may also choose your own colors with the Custom Tops option in your color of choice, with or without polka dots. Giants - 40" L / US 120/38mm Baby Giants - 19" L / US 120/38mm Giant Cable Needle - 12" L / 38mm (Comes in natural wood) Comes with 3 Go-Girl Giant Knitting Patterns (2 Scarf and 1 Blanket). These are great for those who want to join the world of extreme knitting! Knitting projects such as blankets, scarves, rugs, or whatever your creative mind can come up with. The possibilities are endless! They are a fun gift for any knitter or to be used in your display at your next knitting function. Yarn options: Any Super bulky 6 yarn, fabric yarn, t-shirt yarn, cotton rope, or use up your stash and hold several strands of any yarn together. Our favorite is Chunky Stitch https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaressLuxuryYarns. Check out our YouTube Channel for tips. The GIANTS are handcrafted just for you so please allow aprox 10 days for order to ship time when choosing Custom Tops.
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Go-Girl GIANT Collection of Needles

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