Knit Collage - Gypsy Garden
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Gypsy Garden yarn was inspired by the fabulous trims markets of Hong Kong that are am packed with gorgeous ribbons, flower appliques and novelty trims. In this yarn, various colors of wool, mohair, and sparkling Angeina fibers are hand carded together to create beautiful heathered colors. The fiber is then hand spun with tiny flower trims, sequins, bits of lace and ribbon rosebuds. Fluffy, lightweight and a touch slubby, this yarn conjures up thoughts of fairytale dreamscapes and secret gardens. Each color combination has its own unique set of trims and colors. Content: A mix of (mostly!) wool, a little mohair and 1% sparkling Angelina fibers. Each colorway is slightly different. Length: Approx. 35-40 yards Gauge: About 2.5 stiches per inch Yarn Weight: 125g Suggested needle size: US 15-19 or 10mm - 15.5mm Washing instructions: gently handwash and lay flat to dry
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Knit Collage - Gypsy Garden

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